Reading Strategies
This is a directory of strategies that can be used in the classroom.  I have compiled these from a methods course.  I know that it may seem pretty redundant...but you might find some thing you like!


DLTA- Directed Listening Thinking Activity

DRTA- Directed Reading Thinking Activity

Insert (helps catagorize informations)

SMART (helps in Reading comprehension)

KWL- (know, want to know, learned)


Running Records

  Assisted Reading Strategies

  Quickwrites and Quickdraws

   SQ3R (helps student remember content)

   Cloze Procedure (helps determine if correct reading level)

   Readers Theater

   Choral Reading

   Open-Minded Portraits

   PReP (pre-reading plan)

   Story Boards

   Story Quilt

   Reading Conferences

   Learning Logs

   Literature Journals/Reading Logs

   Story Maps and Frames

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