(this one is a little obvious?)

Purpose:  A menu show the class and instructor when a certain activity is planned.  It also helps students organize their time.  Also can help with collecting absent students work.  A Class secretary can be selected to copy the menu and collect/document assignments done that day.

Rationale:  The menu system will help develop time management as well as help the teacher and students to stay on task.  By checking off each section, the students will have a sense of accomplishments.


1.  Before the day starts, teacher should write the days plans, as well as the time each subject will be covered.
2.  Check off each subject as it is accomplished.
    1. Helps organization of time for teacher and students.
    2. Helpful with absent students.
    3. Can be a praise system by checking off time.

    1. Need to remember to be flexible!!  Need to teach students not to be rigid.

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