Running Record

Purpose:  To observe individual students read aloud while teacher assess their reading fluency.

Rationale:  To be able to assess the students reading level using miscue analysis.


1.  Choose Book.  Choose excerpt of 100-200 words and retype.   (SEE EXAMPLE)
2.  Take running record using the following to score:
* if the word is read incorrectly-
    Write the word said above it.
* self-correct-
    write the original word said then "SC"
* attempts at a word-
    record each attempt above the word.
* skips a word-
    Draw a dash through the word.
* adds words-
    Draw a  [^] and record added words.
* Teacher helps with word-
    draw a T over the word helped with.
* Repetition-
    draw "X" over repeated words.
3.  Calculate % of miscues
85% correct is instructional
95% correct is independent
4.  Analyze miscues.
    1.  Points out where skills are week.
    2.  Shows improvements.
    3.  Good assessment tool.

    LOT'S of typing!!

    Tape session for later analysis!

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