Choral Reading

Purpose:  To make students active participants in the poetry experience.  Also helps develop fluency in reading.

Rationale:  Better readers and fluency makes for better comprehension of the text being read.

    1.  Echo reading:  The leader reads each line, the group then repeats the line just read.
    2.  Leader and chorus reading:  The leader reads the main part of the poem, and the group reads the refrain or chorus in unison.
    3.  Small group reading:  The class divides into two or more groups and each group reads one part of the poem.
    4.  Cumulative reading:  One student or group reads the first line or stanza and then another student/group joins in as each line is read.

    1. Select poem to use and copy to a chart or make individual copies.
    2.  Work with students to decide how to decide how to arrange the poem for reading.
    3.  Read with students several times.  Emphasize that students should pronounce words clearly and read with expression.

Strengths:  Helps students develop rhythm by example.

WEaknesses:   ???

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