Purpose:  A strategy to help determine if the reading level is suitable or not.  Also can be used as a test of comprehension of the text being studied.

Rationale:  When the students are able to fill in the blanks, the book is suitable for the age level.

    1.  Select the passage from a textbook or tradebook.
    2.  Retype the passage.  The first sentence is typed as it appears in original text.  Replace every fifth word with a blank.
    3.  Students read passage first.  Then guess what belongs in each blank.
    4.  Score the work, 1 point for each correct answer.
    5.  Compare the percentage of correct word replacement with this scale:

61% correct    independent
41-60% correct    instructional
below 40%    frustration!
Strengths:  An alternate way of assessing needs.

Weaknesses:  Lots of typing.

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