DLTA- Directed Listening Thinking Activity

PURPOSE:  The DLTA is used to engage students in text which is above their independent and/or instructional reading level.  It is used to 1). determine the purpose for reading, 2). extract, comprehend, and assimilate information, 3). examine reading material based on the purpose for reading, 4). suspend judgments, and 5). make decisions based on information gleaned from the reading material.

RATIONALE:  As students develop strategies for actively engaging in text, they become increasingly independent in their own reading and are empowered to monitor and control their own reading behaviors to enhance their comprehension of the text as they have read.


1. The teacher reads the title to the student and asks what the story might be about.  Record predictions on a chart or blackboard.
2. Read first paragraph or the first section of the text and telling students that their predictions will be confirmed, rejected, or modified.  Ask the students if they still think the same as they did earlier.
3. Continue through the text - predicting, reading to students, and reacting to their predictions.
4. After reading the story, the focus is on specific skill development and vocabulary.  Students are invited to focus on words and phrases which puzzle or intrigue them.
1. Develops early critical reading skills.
2. Helps students develop metacognition of their own reading comprehension.
3. Engages students in text which is too difficult for their current reading ability.
1. Students who have already read or heard the text are not able to engage in the strategy as effectively.
2. Classroom management can be problematic.
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