Quickwrites and Quickdraws

    Before:  to activate prior knowledge
    After:  assists in clarifying meanings and arranging information.

Rationale:  By having students write or draw, enhances understanding of topic being covered or gives the teacher an idea what a student may know before the topic is covered.

    1.  Ask students to write or draw on a topic for 5-10 minutes.  Encourage them to focus on interesting ideas, make connections to topic, and to own lives, and reflect on their reading or learning.

    2.  After students write, they usually share quick writes/draws in small groups or during big group, entire activity can be finished in about 20 minutes.

    * entry for reading logs
    * define or explain a word on the word wall
    * Theme of a story
    * about a favorite character
    * comparing book and film versions
    * about favorite book during author study
    * characteristics of a literary genre
    * about project students are creating.
    1.  Helps students organize and identify thoughts
    2.  Aids in comprehension.


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