PReP (Prereading Plan)
Purpose:  To diagnose students prior knowledge and provide necessary background knowledge so tudents will be prepared to understand what they will be reading.

Rationale:  A gianostic and instructional procedure used when students read informational books and content area textbooks.

    1.  Introduce key concept to studentsw using a word, phrase, or picture to intitiate a discussion.
    2.  Have students brainstorm words about the topic, and record their ideas on a chart.  Help make connections among brainstormed ideas.
    3.  Present additional vocabulary and clarify any misconceptions.
    4.  Have students draw pictures and/or write a quickwrite about topic using words from the brainstormed list.
    5.  Have students share quickwrites and ask questions to help clarify and elaborate quickwrites.

Strengths:  To help the students learn about a subject before starting a lesson.

Weaknesses:  Classroom mangagement.

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