Assisted Reading Strategies

Purpose:  To provide support to students in reading through extension in time or giving a support person who is a fluent or equal reader.

Rationale:  Research shows reading is an interactive and social process.  With reading, a partner is beneficial for some students.

1).  READ ALOUD (story telling)

Purpose:  to enjoy a story with no responsibility of text.  Lends support to language structure and reading as a process.

Procedure:  Gather class as a group and read aloud.

2).  DEAR Time  (Drop Everything and Read)
Purpose:  Provides time for students to read a selection of their choice.

    a.  EVERYONE read, including teacher.
Weakness:  Need to find a time to pick a book before DEAR time.

3).  Shared Reading (big Books)
Purpose:  to make text big enough for all to see.

    a.  Gather around book (or overhead if can't get big book)
    b.  Talk about author, title page, publishers, copyright page.
    c.  Students join in reading story.
    d.  Discuss punctuation--etc.
Strengths:  Class is together learning about book(s).

    a.  behavior management
    b.  sight problems if no big book.

4.  Paired Reading
Purpose:  To help less fluent reader by having a better reader assist.

    *read together aloud at the same time
    *switch off, 1 reader reads a passage, other picks up where other left off.

Strengths:  Socialization.
Weaknessess:  Better reader may take over.

5.  Buddy Reading
Purpose:  To help two equal readers attain more fluency.

Procedure:  Same as paired reading.

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