DRTA-Directed Reading Thinking Activity
Purpose:  This strategy is used to help students:
1.  determine the purpose for reading
2.  Use prediction when reading text
3.  Make decisions based on readings.
Rationale:  As students develop more strategies for reading, the more independent readers they will become.


1.  Direct students to read the title and brainstorm what the story might be about.  Record the answers on the board.
2.  Read first section.  Ask the students if their prediction was confirmed, rejected or modified.  Only the student that made the prediction may change their answers.
3.  Repeat step 2 until the class has finished with the reading.
4.  Have the students justify their predictions by having them think aloud.
1. This helps develop critical reading skills.
2. Also helps students develop reading comprehension.
1. Only useful if students have not read or heard the text being used.
2. Classroom management may become a problem.
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