Story Quilts
Purpose:  Picking out the moral of the story, individualize engagement of the story for each student while they move to symbolic drawings.  [ For grades 3-5 ]

Rationale:  Motivation- the more involved in the story the students are, the more they will want to read further.

    1.  Each student picks a quote that sums the moral of the story up for them.
    2.  They then make a symbol to represent the quote.
    3.  Using these symbols and quotes, the students will then make a quilt square on paper or cloth.
    4.  After all the squares are completed, assemble the quilt on a bulletin board or into the quilt [ if using cloth ]

Strengths:  Can make a risk free project.

    1.  Be prepared to teach quilting.
    2.  Time consuming.
    3.  Breaking risk barrier with students could be problematic.

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