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Directions:  Mark your answers on a separate sheet of paper.  When finished, check your answers on the test answer page, then hand your paper in to your teacher.

 1.   is a (an):
     a. beaver
     b. eagle
     c.  wolf

2.  Beans, Corn & Squash are symbols of:
     a.  food
     b.  The Three Goddesses
     c.  vegetables

3.  Which goddess had her reflection stolen?
     a.  The Corn Goddess
     b.  The Squash Goddess
     c.  The Bean Goddess

4.    is a:
     a.  Deer
     b. Moose
     c. Bear

5.  The creator gave everyone this:
     a. corn
     b. squash
     c. a gift

6.  The Corn Goddess thought she was:
     a. smart
     b. beautiful
     c. ugly

7.    is a:
     a. rabbit
     b. turtle
     c. skunk

8.  What was the doll made of?
     a. straw
     b. corn husks
     c. fiberfill

9.  What stole the goddesses reflection from the water?
     a. screech owl
     b. fish
     c. turtle

10.  is a (an):
     a. wolf
     b. squirrel
     c. eagle


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