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Social Studies Links
3D Atlas 50 States and Capitals Africa Online for Kids
AKO Titanic Virtual Trial Amazon Adventure The American Civil War Page
Ancient Greece Anne Franke Remembered Australia
Bizarre Historical Trivia Captials Game CIA Factbook
Civil Rights Movement Colonists & Native Americans Computers in Social Studies
This Day in History The Flat Stanley Project Fur Trappers & Explorers Research
Geo-Globe GlobalLearn The History of the Cherokee
The History Net Hotlist of Michigan Sites Houghton Mifflin Social Studies
Map Quest The Map Store Mr. Donn's Ancient History Site
National Geographic for Kids National Geographic Society Natural Wonders
Postcard Geography Presidents on the WWW Simon Wiesenthal Foundation
Slave Narratives Tower of London-Virtual Tour The United States Civil War Center
Writing a Country Report?
  Bytes O'History Castle
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