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Example of a Typed Running Record
There are about 4 numbers on each line.  The first two stand for the page number and the last two are for the line number.  So, for example:
            0408 = page 4, line 8
Running Record for ________________________________________
by Ezra Jack Keats
0101     On his way to meet Peter,

0102     Archie saw someone new on the block.

0203     "Hi, cat," he said as he walked by.

0304     He looked at his reflection in the store window.

0405     Peter was waiting at the corner.

0406     "Make way for your ol' gran'pa"

0407    Archie said in a shaky voice.

0408    He looked Peter up and down.

0409    "My, my, Peter, how you've grown!"

0510     "Why, gran'pa," Peter said.

0511     "It's good to see you."

0512     "Hello, my children," Archie croaked.

0513     "HI, gran'pa!" Susy giggled.

0614     Willie was so happy to see Archie

0615     he ran over and licked his face.

0616     Archie tasted delicious!

0617    Willie licked and licked and licked.

0718    "No respect for old age!"

0819    Archie whispered something to Peter and ran off.

0820     "Stick around, folks," Peter called.

0821     "We have a surprise for you."

0922     When Archie got back,

0923     he and Peter worked

0924     while everyone waited.

1025    "OK!" Peter announced.

1026     "Make way for Mister Big Face!"

1027     A big paper bag appeared.

1028     Then a tongue stuck out of one of the eyes!

1129     A hand came out of an ear

1130     and motioned everyone to move closer.

1131     They all obeyed.

1232     Suddenly the bag began to shake.

1233     It shook harder, and harder, and --

1334    MEEOOW!

1435     People started to leave.

1536     "Wait - Wait - the show'll go on!

1537    See the tallest dog in the world

1538     take a walk!" Archie shouted.

1839     "Some show, gran'pa!"

1840     "some tall dog!"

1841     "Who ate your mustache, gran'pa?"

1842     Everyone walked away, laughing.

1843     Soon no one was left except Archie, Peter,

1844     Willie and the torn bag.

1945     "It would have been great

1946     if it weren't for that crazy cat," said Peter.

1947    as they walked  home.

1948     "Mmmm," said Archie.  "He sure stuck around."

2049     "...and all I said was 'Hi, cat'" said Archie,

2050     finishing his story.

2051     "You're well rid of a cat like that,"

2052     said his mother.

2053     Archie thought for a while.

2054     "you know what, Ma?" he said.

2055     "I think that cat just kinda liked me!"

326 words
2nd grade level

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